Miss Quezon City

Diamond Jubilee Beauty Pageant

The spectacular search for Ms. Quezon City Diamond Jubilee culminated with the crowning of the winner, Shecill Bhertie Bagaporo from Roxas District as Miss Quezon City Diamond Jubilee, along with 1st runner-up Roanna Rae Addie Jose from La Vista (Miss QC Business-Friendly), 2nd runner-up Renee Soraya Hassani from Cubao (Miss QC Environmental Protection), and 3rd runner-up Patrixia Sherly Santos from Sikatuna Village (Miss QC Social Services) at the grand coronation pageant held September 13, 2014 at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

This event was one of the major projects handled by the VPFCP team from concept to final execution. It all began in early January 2014, when VPF Creative Productions was appointed by the Quezon City government to manage the MS. QUEZON CITY DIAMOND JUBILEE BEAUTY PAGEANT, which was considered to be a pillar activity to usher the city’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. The crown would go to the young woman who will be the face and the ambassadress of goodwill of Quezon City for the entire anniversary celebration, representing the ideals and aspirations of a city on its way forward to a "future perfect."

Harnessing all its expertise and resources, the VPFCP team expertly managed a series of pre-pageant mini events building up to a memorable Grand Coronation Night on September 13, 2014. All in all, the Ms. Q.C. Diamond Jubilee Beauty Pageant was unique and historic because there will never be another 75th Jubilee Beauty Pageant. In the same manner, Ms. Quezon City Diamond Jubilee Shecill will be remembered as the only 75th Jubilee queen in the city’s history. VPFCP is proud to be part of the making of a piece of Q.C. history.

Watch the Preliminaries