QC Means Business

A Video Promotional Tool for Quezon City

Sometime in 2013, VPF Creative Productions was tasked by Quezon City government to produce a video from concept to final execution. This was designed primarily to promote the city as an attractive business destination for entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors, from both local and foreign countries. In just a couple of months of script development, on-location shooting and post-production, the video was finished and approved for showing by Quezon City. Entitled “Q.C. Means Business, ” the upbeat, fast-paced and image driven video has been instrumental in projecting Quezon City as a business destination of choice for prospective business investors and locators, because of its business-friendly climate and policies, the city’s superior physical and human resources, its world-class infrastructure and other advantages. Now a standard presentation material by the Office of the Mayor, the video has helped increase the influx of new business in the city, helping generate employment, and further boosting the stature of Quezon City as the country’s No. 1 most progressive city.