Rock of Diamond: Historock Concert

Last December 12, 2014, residents of Quezon City were treated to a different kind of rock concert. It was the 75 years of Quezon City history presented by way of Pinoy rock songs, performed by no less than popular rock icons such as Basti Artadi, Wency Cornejo, Lolita Carbon, Cooky Chua, Skarlet and Ney Dimaculangan. They were later joined by the indestructible Joey “Pepe” Smith, rocking an estimated audience of 5,000 at the Quezon Memorial Circle beginning at 7 in the evening. And through it all, giant screens at strategic points of the huge stage flashed eye-popping images that complemented and supplemented the narrative thread of the songs. A high point was the culminating fireworks display which lit the dark sky with a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and light patterns sustained for almost 20 minutes as the crowd hooted in utter delight. And that was only for starters. Immediately after that, some of the country’s best rock bands blasted the night with the raw power of Pinoy rock music, filling the air with well-loved grooves, riffs and familiar refrains that moved the crowd to join in the singing all night long. The awesome line-up of featured performers included Aegis, Chicser, Color It Red, Cueshe, Slapshock and performers like Abra, Jireh Lim, Billy Crawford, among others.

That night, Q.C. residents learned that indeed history is more fun with rock and roll! As they all trooped back home after midnight, the words of the concert’s closing song as belted by Basti Artadi must have reverberated in their minds:

“Hoy, taga Q.C. ako
Buo aking loob
Ang sarap mamuhay dito!”

Watch the video.