Tahanan Drug Rehabilitation Center

A Video Briefer

The Quezon City Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center popularly known as “Tahanan” was established through a City Ordinance NC – 146 S-1990 legislated and passed by the City Council. Its operation is mandated by virtue of RA 6425. Over the years, “Tahanan” has been serving a large number of drug dependents and its families coming from this city and other neighboring cities, municipalities and provinces. It employs a comprehensive and wholistic approach to drug rehabilitation.

However, many of the Quezon City residents are still not aware of Tahanan. To help increase awareness among Q.C. residents, the Office of Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte contracted VPF Creative Productions to produce a suitable video which can serve as a general communication material for various publics: media, policy makers, students, local leaders, and the general public.

Right from the start, VPFCP wanted a video material that would be simple and emotionally rousing to make it widely appealing to the grassroots. That meant going beyond the typical boring informative video briefer churned out by government agencies. With this in mind, the VPFCP conceptual team hit on the idea of adopting the look and feel of an exciting action drama movie. Using the format of a tele-novela, the VPFCP team further decided to anchor the story of Tahanan from the point of view of three young individuals representing various social classes. Tahanan would be portrayed as a “surrogate home” whose doors are always open for those who have strayed from the norms of good society. It is a transformational place where one can come out a changed person, ready to be a productive member of society.

After approval of the concept and script, shooting was done on location at the Tahanan grounds in Molave St., Payatas within the second district of Quezon City, which is the city’s largest depressed area. To give it that “masa” appeal, VPFCP contracted a mix of young and seasoned known TV and film actors to play the various roles, including Jake Vargas, Jaclyn Jose, Andrea del Rosario and others.

Entitled “Salamin ng Pagkatao,” with a total running length of 38 minutes, the finished video is now being shown regularly in barangays of Quezon City as part of the city’s information dissemination campaign to prevent the spread of drug addiction in the city’s 6 districts. It has been proven effective in getting parents and relatives to seek help for members of their families who are suspected of succumbing to the lure of illegal drugs.